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Tassie Devils!

Went to Australia Zoo yesterday with a bunch of furs. (Salutations and hugs to vivo for organising the event.)

I could angst about how I'm questioning whether I'm still a furry in spite of pulling that sob story earlier about not being able to socialise with non-furries, but that would be soooo boring. Let's talk about Tasmanian Devils instead. Along with quillblade who had the foresight to bring her camera, I ponied up for getting to meet two of their younger Tasmanian Devils. I got to hold Tula on a leash as you can see from the lj cut photo, which mainly involved me being led around by her. :) I got to admire her pouch and feel the vestigial fifth claw on her hind foot. I've seen Tasmian devils before of course but it was definitely worth it getting to see one up close!


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