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Roo Tool

This song helped me through a dark period of my association with furry fandom (when burned furs were ripping through the fandom). I don't think it's an exaggeration to say it helped keep me in the fandom. The author, Sayh, visited Brisbane once. I didn't get to tell him how much that silly little song meant to me, but I at least did get him to sign my copy of Furry Fantasies 2, which has another song of his on it.

MP3 is a very good format, but it has overshadowed other worthy sound formats. Many of you may not know how to play XM files. For Mac OS X users, I recommend CocoModX. I don't recommend anyone use Windows, but XePlayer claims to play them. Linux users probably already have one pre-installed with their distribution, but they can try NMP.

EDIT: Er, I just noticed that Roo Tool isn't available on FMF at present. :( Because I really want people to hear this song, I have put it here. Apologies to the composer if he no longer wants this distributed.

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