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A Rat's Tail

rosequoll was true to her word and provided me with the new improved tail on Easter Monday.

This tail was such a joy to behold. Of course, I expect artistry from Rose, but I wasn't expecting something that so clear spoke "rat!", offsetting the cuteness of the head (The sparkle you sometimes see around the head is not it radiating cuteness; it is the light of the flash reflecting off the whiskers.).

Rattus is just so proud of his tail he wants to show it off to everyone; wouldn't you if you had a tail like that?

Er, Rattus, dear, I don't think you should hold the tail that way...

Note the fine interplay of black and grey hairs in the ridges--truly a tail worthy of a rat.

Rattus practising his trademark tail nibble. (I read somewhere that's how rats clean their tail and now I do it all the time.)

What could Rattus be waiting for?

You will notice the kink in the tail. I asked Rose to put that in to give the tail character, something to help make Rattus unique. It is representative of the scraps he got into before he became the cute and innocent rodent you see today.

Sadly, there comes a time in every rat's life when he has to leave. Rattus returns to his room.

Already Rattus is starting to feel like me, an extension of me.
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