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The first step is letting go of fear

Had lunch with a colleague at work today. I don't know why, but he seemed quite keen that we go out for coffee. He's also an avid coffee-drinker, so I was pleased to get some tips on the best coffee drinking places in Brisbane for ristin's benefit. He's a devout christian. He told me his drug-addicted brother is finding solace in the bible. I told him I was pleased if it helped him to make sense of the world. I told him about my new love and our plans together. He listened politely and even asked a few questions.

Christianity isn't important; society will move towards accepting gays et al with or without them. They'll join in eventually, if only not to be left behind. There's no reason we can't get on on an individual basis. He's not a bad person; in fact I've told him he's a role model for how Christians should conduct themselves. I don't want to be a messiah, showing the way. I've trod that path before and despaired at how little I achieved. But I'm full of something so wonderful, so achingly beautiful that I can't keep it to myself.

I refuse to live my life in fear. I refuse to live anything less than a perfect life. The choice is easy; it's putting it into practice day to day that is the challenge.

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