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Kiroo's gone

kiroo, that fun-loving kangaroo from the UK has moved on to sunnier climes, but he hopes to be back in Brisbane in the next couple of weeks. As you might have guessed, I've taken quite a shine to that kangaroo. It was great to meet a fellow plushophile, and he was a lot of fun to have around. If he's ever in your area, you must offer him free accommodation! He's terribly polite and tolerant without being obsequious and has a good work ethic.

Anyway, I wish him well on his journeys. I'm worried about him, because he's travelling around Australia on his own, except for a small plush kangaroo to keep him company. He doesn't even know anyone here except for me. I'd never have the courage to explore a strange country on my own like that. He did this to escape his rut, but I guess I'm too stuck in mine.

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