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The gods abandoned

I feel as if my life had just been cruising along since I met ristin, that the gods themselves had come to our aid and were ensuring that the universe would fall into place around us. (I don't want to engage in a theological debate--the gods that figure so prominently in this post are all metaphorical. I've already outed myself as an agnostic.)

But something happened to shake my confidence in those gods. My friend in the Netherlands, stealthygriffin, was diagnosed with kidney failure. He's not going to die in the immediate future; he estimates he has 20 to 40 years before he'll need a transplant or dialysis if he eats well and takes care of himself. And I think the Netherlands is one of those civilised countries where your right to life is not determined by your ability to pay. But to hear that a friend so close has a terminal disease came as a blow to the faith I had previously placed in my gods. You can imagine what it was like for him, and I hope you join me in praying that by then, technology will have progressed to where he can have a healthy set of kidneys cloned from his cells.

My griffin friend can say more about what ails him, but I wanted to explain why he's important to me, even if sometimes our relationship has been a little strained. To stretch an unpleasant analogy too far, if I am the mother of Roophilia, then Stealth was its midwife. I've since learned that my site is unique, and it would not be what it is if not for Stealth's enthusiasm early in its inception. It was he (and the sudden jump in hits which came at the same time) that gave me the motivation to spend money on a better camera and devote the time and energy I did to create my personal celebration of the kangaroo form. Thank you, Stealth. Get well soon, okay?

My gods have abandoned me, and I them. I now realise it's up to Ristin and I to make the life we plan together. My love for him is stronger than ever, but I don't want to see old friends fall by the wayside.

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