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The Rat's Nest

Meanderings of a zetetic packrat

Marko the Rat
28 September 1971
A rat. Like all good rats, my interests are many and varied, not all of which revolve around food or sex. Scouring earlier entries (especially if you're lucky enough to have been friended by me) will give you a better idea of what is currently floating my boat rather than my interests list, much of which is out of date or speculative. I like to think I'm fairly eclectic in my interests, although lately I have taken an unhealthy interest in my rat fursuit, Rattus. I am also on Flickr, but so far I only use it as a convenient repository for posting photos here. I also frequently go on Second Life, as Haal Ratner.

It is also my ineffable good fortune to be mated to, both owned by and owning, ristin, a most wonderful and loving raccoon. I love him dearly and he is my life. Whatever trials come my way, life is good. :)

The Ratatouille mood theme I made myself; the image set and instructions are available here. Please credit it to marko_the_rat in your user profile if you use it.

Proud to be a Furry
Furry is Life
Furry is Life

Proud to be a Rat

Artwork is courtesy of aldi, quillblade, rosequoll, New World Dreams studios and swiftrat

by hobbitholes

My furcode:
FRR3ar A- C+ D++>m++ H++ M P++++ R+ T+ W Z++ Sm+ RLL a+ clm++ d- e+++ f h+++ iwf++ j* p+ sm++

My Plush Code

P[kan,mar,mur]/F[kan,mur,rac] B++ BB- C+ Es+ FF+ I !M MMh N+ O Sp+/Sf++ Tf%hm+ru ma+